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Do You Know What’s REALLY
Causing Your Web Sales to Slump?

“If You’re Fed Up With a Website that
Nose-Dives — EVEN if You’re
Getting Tons of Visitors — and Need
to Generate MORE REVENUE, you NEED
to Read this Page . . . if Only to Save Yourself
TONS of Time and Frustration!“


Tracey Dooley, Your Business-Building Mentor
Brighton, Sussex, UK


Tuesday, 7:57 am

OK, I’m just going to come right out and say it: THE worst thing you can do in business is to trick yourself into thinking you can away with limp, lifeless web copy. It just doesn’t cut the mustard.

A site that is full of sloppy copy, reads badly, is CONFUSING, unprofessional, cluttered or just plain ineffective will make the ODD SALE here and there – at best. But it is more likely to turn off your prospects and send them on to your competitors’ websites.

How do I know? Simple, I’ve been studying, trialing and testing what works and what doesn’t work — for years  . . .  and it’s made me a bundle. It’s made my clients much more

Want examples?

Last year, my online copy generated a whopping 100% revenue boost for a new client – in as few as seven days…

And just last month, my copy compelled 80% more visitors to register for a newsletter – and then sold more than both products and services to them over and over.

I could give you a dozen more examples like this. But you get the point. Time and time again, the only difference in dramatic successes such as these come down to one thing: THE POWER OF THE COPY ITSELF.

NONE of your websites will work FOR you without strong copy. PERIOD.

No fancy graphics will sell for you round the clock.

No sales pitch will get read just because you think your product or service is the best thing since sliced bread.

Money WILL end up draining out of your palm like water through a sieve.

And you may not even be aware of why . . . until now.

Think about it; It's unreasonable to expect your website to contribute 50% of your sales results if you aren't putting 50% of your own efforts into making that happen.

Think about it; It's unreasonable to expect your website to contribute 50% of your sales results if you aren't putting 50% of your own efforts into making that happen.

More than 95% of my business comes from my main website — and that’s directly down to the wording on that website. So I make damn sure I allocate a high percentage of my own marketing time to tweaking web pages, testing and measuring results, attracting traffic and CONVERTING prospects. 

How Do You Know Yours
is Pulling its Weight?

The truth is, you probably don’t. Unless you test. And even then you may not know what to do to make the situation better. It’s a problem, alright. And one that affects many more businesses than you realise.

The good news is that there are definitely ways around this hitch . . . 

as soon as you acknowledge your website could be your business’s own worst enemy, that is.

One solution is to whip out your credit card and hire one of the better copywriters (seriously, if you’re going to outsource your web copywriting to a professional scribe, make sure they’re worth their weight in gold. Else you’ll simply be creating another problem. Good copywriters have invested years and a decent portion of their income on honing their skills. They’ll have satisfied customers, cracking samples, and will not be afraid to answer any questions you may have up front).

That’s a wise thing to do, by the way, and your website will thank you for it. But be prepared to have enough of a budget to accommodate our fees. (Right now I get anything up to £5,000 per project - and I'm on the ‘CHEAP’ end of what my colleagues charge.)

It's a worthwhile investment. Promise. But if you're like most entrepreneurs, it’s probably beyond your budget.

That’s OK. Because fortunately I held a TeleMasterClass recently on how to turn YOUR website into a ‘BUYER MAGNET’ that puts money in your pocket . . . now . . . and again and again. I’ve done it. My clients have done it. And those on the teleclass call have done it.

What’s more, the call was recorded. So now I can show how you can, too. Simply press ‘play’ and sit back, relax and enjoy the effortless, ‘ready to implement’ action plan for creating compelling, profitable web copy — whenever and wherever you want.

Producing Effective
Web Copy Can Be Fun
— and Profitable

Once you learn a few simple-yet-fundamental principles and techniques, writing persuasive web copy that sells becomes an easy, enjoyable process.

The PROVEN roadmap this energetic call provides is a MUCH easier way to learn these concepts, tips and tricks that will increase your website or landing page conversion rates — or your money back.

Avoid the Wrong Turns
& Pot-Holes that Most Websites
Stumble (Inadvertently) Into

And it gets even better…

The majority of the techniques covered can easily be applied to your 'offline' marketing and promotional materials.

Here’s just a sampling of what you'll learn in the information-packed WEBSITE COPYWRITING SECRETS THAT CONVERT WEB READERS INTO BUYERS:

How to stop, engage and compel prospects to order now

The one crucial element that most websites ignore – and therefore fail to compel your prospects to buy what they’re selling.

How adding just 1 thing to your website will practically guarantee clients WILL buy from you.

The effortless blueprint for writing web copy that sells – EVEN if you're not a professional copywriter. How to improve your web sales rates today for ever!

Where most websites go wrong (what to exclude from your website).

The difference between web content and web copy – and why not knowing the difference means you're heading for trouble.

The single most important ingredient for any website – and how it can triple your sales.

What it takes to close sales on the web.

The 3 fundamental rules for writing irresistible web copy that sells. Get more ‘bang’ from your lead/traffic-generation budget.

The easy yet little understood web profit tricks.

The 5 simple steps to making your web copy sell. Get more ‘bang’ from your lead/traffic-generation budget.

How small, easily implemented tweaks can bring big improvements in response and profits.

Add these psychological motivators to your website – and watch the orders roll in.

Irresistible words that sell – again and again.

All-important components of an online order form – miss these, miss out on sales.

Stages people go through before they buy – and how you can benefit from them to make your website a ‘perpetual money-making machine’.

3 mistakes that most people make – and how they turn OFF your potential clients in an instant.

How to lower sales resistance and separate yourself in your marketplace.

And even more. (And that includes things that other experts and the so-called ‘gurus’ simply will not share.)

Yes, it’s HUGE. And it Delivers Meaty
Content All the Way Through


Here’s the deal: We are NOT talking about a bunch of random ideas thrown together. Rather, you get a COMPLETE SYSTEM for attracting visitors to your website and then converting them into buyers once they’re there.

This invaluable tool will quickly become the main part of your favourite ‘online marketing’ reference library, with an endless supply of information at your fingertips to help you turn a poorly-performing website into a profit-pulling machine.

You’ll walk away with lots of techniques, tips and new insights that you can put to use straight away to make more sales from your website.

Just imagine what would happen if the visitors that are clicking away from your site without making a purchase actually bought from you...

I can promise you one thing: The value received will far exceed the price you’ll pay for the recorded call. Actually, that's more than a promise — it comes straight from those who matter most: the very people who bought and are using my system. Here’s what just some of them say:

“Wow! There was a LOT to take in, but all of it is extremely practical. You have a way with words. And you have probably saved me
weeks, if not years, of expensive and frustrating
learning. Thanks so much!”

– Andrea White

“I found the class very helpful.
It reminded me of things that I used to know when
I was an employed person and working on websites
all the time and really shouldn't have forgotten! I also came
away feeling that I had learnt quite a lot.
I am very good at knowing that something isn't right –
but not so good at working out what – your checklist
of web copywriting sins has now been reinstated on my desk
and is a very useful reference to have."

– S Armstrong, Small Business Resource Centre
“Quite simply brilliant! ”
– Cheryl S
“I have heard previous conference calls from you and found your approach and information so logical and easy to digest.”
– Jenny Hope, Inner Brilliance


Plus, You Get THREE Additional Goodies
to Rocket Your Online Success
— Worth £396 — FREE

BONUS #1: Million-Pound Web Copywriting-to-BOOST-Sales Blueprint — a £49 value, FREE! This shares many of the critical components of the secret ‘stealth system’ that make it easy for ANYONE to create and market their own highly-profitable websites.

BONUS #2: Personalised Critique — a £150 value, FREE! Worried that you may have questions about your specific situation? Not even a problem. Because I have a cunning plan to help you . . . one-on-one. After you've immersed yourself in the Web Copy Secrets material, you still won't be alone because you'll get a critique coupon you can use with me anyway you'd like. Use yours for a second opinion on whatever you need. Just to reassure you here, I will NOT give you a ‘canned’ response — each one will be personalised and extremely valuable. Promise. So there’s no sane reason to go it alone!

BONUS #3: FREE subscription to my popular, business-building weekly ezine Communiqué for Success! — a £197 value, FREE! This will give you practial insight and tips to help you market your business online and offline, and it comes with lots of goodies when you verify your opt-in (don’t worry, your email is totally safe with me. I never rent, sell, share or disclose personal data).

Add it up. That’s a WHOPPING £396 in FREE GIFTS.

How Much Would You Expect
to Pay for All This & the Decades
of Valuable Experience…

…when one single hour of consulting with the ‘internet gurus’ who espouse what you’ll learn costs anywhere upwards of £1,250?

But I want to fill your money bucket, not suck it dry. So I’m making this entire package available at a ridiculously low price.

Here’s how you can get the full recording of Website Copywriting Secrets that Convert Web Readers into Buyers, or the 40-page transcript — or both — along with £396 in FREE GIFTS for an outstanding price of just £67.

I know . . . I’m not charging enough. But remember, this is subject to change at any time, and it WILL go up, rather than down. So I suggest you pick it up at this special price today, before it’s gone for ever.

OPTION 1: The recording of this 50-minute presentation of Website Copywriting Secrets that Convert Web Readers into BUYERS has been called “a bargain at just £67". Get the MP3 recording now and begin listening to it straight away, or transfer it to your iPod and review it whenever you want.

OPTION 2: Or you can own the full, unedited 40-page transcript for just £67 and begin reading it right now via an immediate PDF download. You can flip through it and refer to it as and when you like.

OPTION 3: But for the best value, you can own both for just £97.

Remember, whichever option you decide, you STILL get to keep the bonus gifts. And you’ll receive a package that is absolutely crammed with the best, most actionable information at my disposal.

What’s More, You Can Test-Drive
it All For a FULL YEAR Risk-Free
— Your Success is GUARANTEED

Both the Website Copywriting Secrets that Convert Web Readers into BUYERS MP3 and the Website Copywriting Secrets that Convert Web Readers into BUYERS PDF are covered by my 12x guarantee. Try them out for a full 12 months. If you’re not satisfied, then just return your purchase for a FULL REFUND.

That’s an entire year to actually put what you discover to the test in the real world to see what it delivers for you.

So CLICK HERE to order NOW and get started on making your website pack in a heck of a lot more than a solid punch.

If you do nothing else this year to advance your business, I urge you to see for yourself just how easy it can be to create websites and landing pages that sell . . . and watch your online sales and profits soar.

Happy web prospecting!

Tracey "Word Doctor" Dooley :: When Copy Means Business


PS As dramatic as it sounds, this is undoubtedly true: Without a basic web copywriting education, you are doomed to suffer a slow, painful business death. Copywriting really is THAT IMPORTANT. My Web Copy Secrets system leads you step by step towards a site that is clear and compelling . . . a joy to read . . . and which has been specifically written for maximum conversion can produce a full-time income from a very surprisingly low amount of traffic.

PPS Remember, you're making this purchase at absolutely NO RISK, so grab this price while you can! You've got nothing to lose, as the risk is entirely on my shoulders. So reserve your very own copy right now.


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